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Popular Questions

Popular Questions

1. What does the Intensive Result Cream Serox?


The Intensive Result Cream offers an exceptional cream composition with innovative active ingredients, eg. As freeze-dried hyaluronic spheres, the so-called Hyaluronic Filling Spheres. The rich texture with shea butter is also suitable for dry skin. A better result is achieved, the product in combination with the Instant Result Serum.

2. Why use Serox Instant Result Serum and Intensive Result Cream Serox connected?

Combined use is recommended in order to achieve an optimum result for the appearance of the skin. The serum soothes the skin with innovative active ingredients, the cream makes for a relaxed, smooth skin feel.

3. How do Serox Professional Eye Pads?

1. By hydrating the pads are activated from a freeze-dried collagen and provide the skin concentrated moisture. 2. Intensive hydration and innovative ingredients to the appearance of fine wrinkles and skin smooth. 3. Activation Solution to support the skin with special ingredients.
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ZEITGARD Nano Gold & Silk – what’s so special about this product?

By no later than 30 years, women should be careful to protect their skin against environmental influences, in particular against UVA rays. Our innovative Nano Gold & Silk formula can support your skin while preventing light-induced premature skin aging.

Can I use the ZEITGARD nanogold day cream at night?

In principle there is no reason to apply the day cream at night. The night cream is however rich and contains several active ingredients that provide intensive care your skin overnight.

Why should ideally use all products from a skin care line?

The products within a skincare range complement each other. One should pay attention to regular and carried out in the correct order application.

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What are the advantages over conventional cleaning?


By applying the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device you have the ability to cleanse your skin up to 10 x more effectively. Even impurities in deeper skin areas (wrinkles, pores, etc.) can be better removed. At the same time your skin is gently massaged. This stimulates the blood circulation. Your complexion looks fresh and rosy.

For this, the stimulation of the connective tissue has a slightly firming function. Also regulated by the removal of excess sebum (sebum) and dead skin cells, the normal skin activity. Blemishes can be reduced, even avoided. Thus your skin care products act much better.


What exactly is the difference to other cleaning devices?


We distinguish mainly between rotating and oscillating movements of the device. While most brush move in rotation on the skin, ZEITGARD oscillates & vibrates the brushes with a high speed (several 1,000 times per minute) back and forth. Exactly this makes a huge difference to the skin: the sound frequency working here, cleanses the skin without irritating it. In other techniques (eg. As the rotation) skin is treated in one direction only. In addition, the unique MICROSILVER technology contributes to a high hygiene of the individual brush heads.


For whom the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device is useful for?


The ZEITGARD Cleansing Device is independent of age and suitable for both women and men. Almost everyone can clean this unit use for themselves and so optimize skin care. Children or people with dermatological problems however, should not use it. If in doubt consult your dermatologist.


Which brush and cleaning product which is right for me?


Basically the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device is suitable for every skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination skin). Even with a sensitive skin no irritation of the skin takes place under normal use.

For sensitive skin, we recommend the sensitive brush branded ZEITGARD with pink filaments, which was specially developed for this skin type. Using the sensitive cleansing cream.

For normal skin use your ZEITGARD Cleansing Device brush with blue filaments and the cleansing gel. This gives your skin an extra burst of freshness.


Can I use the appliance every day or several times a day?


The combination of ZEITGARD Cleansing Device and ZEITGARD Cleansing cleaning products is matched to one another that they can be used daily. Nevertheless, you should observe your skin during and after application. Initially, it may occasionally experience minor reactions of the skin, however, this will subside quickly.

We recommend using ZEITGARD Cleansing Device once a day. If your skin permits, also like morning and evening. So it is perfectly cleaned. The usual skin care products can penetrate unhindered in connection into the skin and develop their full effect.

Morning: Refreshing cleansing ritual Evening: removal of environmental influences and even makeup


Do I need to avoid my lips when cleaning?


No! With the ZEITGARD brush you may carefully go over your lips. For your daily cleaning, it may well remove a strongly adhering lipstick faster. Continue briefly for a few seconds on your lips. However, this is not deep cleaning. Put more emphasis on reducing the first small wrinkles on the lips and to focus on the nasolabial fold. The so-called “training effect” makes very soon clearly visible.


Can I remove my eye make-up with the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device?


No! Remove your eye make-up as usual with an eye makeup remover. The eye area is too sensitive and should only be cleaned manually.

What you can do, however: spend a few seconds on both sides to the laugh lines. Here again we have the training effect, which can reduce light lines.


Can I use ZEITGARD Cleansing Device also after injections?


You should avoid using ZEITGARD for at least 14 days. Injections take time to unfold accordingly and to stabilize their effect. Another positive was here that with regular use of ZEITGARD the distances between the injections are greater because the skin by the oscillation effect may well bolster up by itself and provide a collagen stimulation. Talk about this with your dermatologist.


Can several people use the same brush head?


Our clear recommendation: Each face deserves its own brush! The facial cleansing is something personal and is similar to brushing youtr teeth. Despite the antibacterial effect in the filaments Micro BG ™, several people using a brush would shorten the life of the brush and compromise your personal hygiene.


Can I use my ZEITGARD Cleansing Device in the bathtub or shower?


The ZEITGARD Cleansing Device is splash proof. This is based on the classification IPX6 (DIN EN 60529). It can be used in the shower. However, we would like to point out that use under water or immersing the device can lead to a defect.


How long does a brush head last when I use it regularly?


We recommend you replace the brush head after a maximum of 3 months of use if used once a day. If you use the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device several times a day, you should be aware that the brushes need to be replaced more frequently.


What the beeps mean when in use?


Every 20 seconds the unit will pause for a brief moment, indicating the end cleaning an area of ​​skin. The unit turns to standby mode after 1 minute operation. The indicator LEDs will continue to light up. The cleaning process can be resumed by briefly pressing the on/off switch. The unit is operated for another minute at the preset speed level.


Which material are the brush heads?


The filaments of the brush have been developed specifically for LR in extensive tests. The only way to achieve the proven and tangible results. In developing the LR brush sets in addition to the special features of the filament structure and the addition of Micro Silver BG™. This has been a part of LR care & cleaning products for many years.

The advantage: silver ions pass through the molecular motion from the “internal depot” of the filaments to the surface. Thus, the permanent antibacterial “shield” is maintained on the filaments.

This means the LR brushes have the highest hygienic cleanliness! You don’t have to worry about what might accumulate on the brush. With normal use, they keep hygienically clean for 3 months.

One more thing: The silver ions act exclusively on the surface of the filaments and are not released into the environment or your skin. Therefore, it is important to clean & rinse the brush of any visible dirt after use, to allow the full effectiveness of the Micro BG™.


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