LR Colours Extreme Volume Mascara

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LR Colours Extreme Volume Mascara

For sensational full, intense lashes with maximum volume effect • Tapered brush shape for a great Big-eye Simple mascara lashes in the corner of my eye and lower lash line by tapered brush Content: 7 ml

The Extreme Volume Mascara features a unique combination of brush and mascara. The innovative cream texture ofbulking waxes and delicate oils ensures an increase in volume and a supple elastic finish. The tip of the conical brushcaptures even the smallest lashes at the lash line, the wide side brings the intense gaze to bear.

Aplication: It to start at the upper eyelid is best. Here the brush parallel to the eye, directly on the lash line, set and then slowlypulled through the lashes. Ideal is a slight zig-zag motion.

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Content : 7 ml


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