LR Colours Volume & Curl Mascara

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LR Colours Volume & Curl Mascara

• Puts extraordinary volume of delicately separate lashes • The slightly curved brush fan out the lashes and gives a fabulous swing • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers / inside • Available in 3 colors • Content : 7 ml

LR Colours Volume & Curl Mascara

The Volume & Curl Mascara creates special volume and peppy upturned eyelashes. A special, slightly curved brush separates and emphasizes each individual hairs and provides an expressive eyelashes. The gentle, well-adhering formula mascara can also be used for sensitive eyes and contact lenses. The Volume & Curl Mascara is available in the intense colors Absolute Black, Dark Brown and Night Blue.

Application: Instead of the brush in the bottle to move up and down, it is better, it is easy to turn prior to application. Thus, the mascara evenly on the brush: the best conditions for an optimal result. Is applied mascara always the lashes to the tips: only on the upper lash line and, if necessary, below.

Find out more: Especially, of course, affects the makeup, if one emphasizes only the upper eyelashes with mascara. The lower lashes can be fooled if they are rather short and very dense.

FAQ: What should spectacle wearers when using the Volume & Curl Mascara?

To compensate for the increasing or decreasing effect of spectacle lenses, it should be noted when applying the Volume & Curl Mascara a few small tricks: nearsighted may calm tuschen a bit thicker and apply the lashes intensely in several layers. Far-sighted glasses wearersshould work very precise and not too much mascara, apply as little Patzer and glued eyelashes are more visible through the lens.

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Content : 7 ml


Absolute Black, Dark Brown, Night Blue


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